• Hubseil für Turmdrehkran:Evolution TK27

Trolley rope

The trolley on the tower crane ensures that even heavy loads can be put in place with utmost precision. For the trolley to be able to work precisely a high performance steel wire rope functioning just as accurately is needed.  The trolley ropes developed by TEUFELBERGER feature the required technical parameters while taking into account the economic framework conditions of the respective application.

Depending on the requirements, TEUFELBERGER offers non-rotation resistant 6 or 8 strand ropes, which have been successfully used on cranes for decades.  As a matter of course, suitable rope end terminations, careful testing, reliable acceptance certificates and, last but not least, excellent customer service are part of the overall rope solution.  

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    Due to the reliability and availability of this 6-strand trolley rope unscheduled downtimes are prevented.
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