Corporate values

Vision, Mission, Values

A vision originates principles of conduct, and we live and act by them. In order to ensure the lasting success of the group, the members of the Teufelberger family have defined values for themselves that are also reflected in the values and principles of conduct of the TEUFELBERGER Group.

Our vision – Together in Motion

Our products ensure the cohesion and movement of people and goods worldwide. Our global actions are characterized by cohesion and motion.

TEUFELBERGER as innovative partner

We strive at being the preferred partner of our customers. Our customers‘ success is our success. Together with them, we create superior solutions. In order to live up to the challenges of tomorrow, we continue to develop and refine our products and services and, faster than others, respond to changing market demands. The continued innovation of processes and products – in line with our customers‘ needs – makes us stand out. Our entire organization is geared to satisfying our customers‘ every need.

TEUFELBERGER as versatile networker

We aim at forming strong networks, within our organization and beyond. We network ourselves in technology and sales, both geographically and culturally. This way, we connect our three technology platforms within the organization and establish tight external bonds with research institutions, suppliers, system manufacturers, and end customers. We actively draw on the versatility of our staff members, offer them changing challenges within a network of global locations, and support the international exchange of knowledge and experience.

TEUFELBERGER as attractive employer

We seek to be the highly regarded and attractive employer at each of our locations. Committed and qualified staff members form the basis of our success. Building on the expertise and the knowledge of our staff, and through common objectives and ongoing training and educational programs, we help develop their strengths and cement our leading position in the interest of our customers.

Our Mission – We care more for our customers


TEUFELBERGER is the leading manufacturer of ropes, strapping, and twines made of plastic materials, synthetic fibers, and steel and suited for use in highly advanced applications throughout the globe. Being a successful and independent family enterprise, we have set the trends and standards in our lines of business for several generations.    

Customer in motion 

Directly experiencing our customers‘ needs and understanding them better forms the basis of our success. This gives us a clear competitive edge. Maximum customer benefit constitutes our number one priority and the aim for all solutions and products. The added value of our services for the customers is the basis of our joint business success. Direct contact with customers, fast response times in providing solutions, and the consistent implementation of our service philosophy enable us to live up to our aim – „We care more for our customers!“. 

Associates in motion 

Respect, appreciation, and performance-orientation are the pillars supporting the cooperation within the organization. We offer our staff above-average space for personal development, educational programs and training courses to help them fully tap their individual potentials. To us, team spirit means the joint responsibility for the future. 

Technologies in motion 

The diversity and combination of technologies are unique strengths of our group that bring forth improvements and innovations. And it is on this technological competence that new products and services build on. We actively embrace change and approach it with open-mindedness, innovative power, and flexibility in thought and actions.

Our values commit us ...

… to trust-inspired cooperation

In our enterprise, we work together intensively so as to derive maximum benefit from synergies in the areas of technology, ideas and experience, market expertise and image. In our enterprise, we make knowledge available to everyone, regardless of location or country. We rely on partner-like relationships with customers and suppliers. Actions and communication within our enterprise are characterized by mutual respect and appreciation. To us, conflicts represent the creative tension necessary to ensure the continued development of people and the organization.    

… to be open toward all things new

Creativity and the continued innovation of products, processes, and in sales and marketing are the prerequisites for success. We are on the lookout for new ideas and implement the best solution, no matter where it originates from. The understanding of future needs of our customers requires us to be flexible, fast, and courageous enough to embrace change. We do our utmost to stifle only the slightest signs of arrogance, bureaucracy, and „not invented here“. We live modesty, efficient structures, and „proudly found elsewhere“.

… to embrace responsibility

We offer our staff ample space for personal development and to the benefit of the organization. Our staff members act independently and assume responsibility for their actions. Each of us is asked to maintain his or her employability; the enterprise supports us by offering educational programs and training courses on an ongoing basis. Without neglecting short-term success, we strive to secure our results on a long-term basis so as to ensure the independence and continued existence of our group.

The sustainable use of resources is part of our responsibility.

… to reliability in our actions

Through our reliability and continuity, we offer our customers a high level of product and service quality. It is the customer, and only the customer, who decides about the quality. We keep our promises. Our customers can count on us all the way.

… to take pleasure in success

Clear-cut targets create the necessary space for the development of our staff members. We enjoy setting things in motion and celebrating success together. The recognition of good results is the expression of mutual appreciation and a motivation for the future.

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