Fiber ropes for oceanography

We understand the requirements of exploration ships searching, for example, for oil and gas deposits. For them, we manufacture very durable rope constructions featuring low stretch. A special coating ensures high resistance to seawater, thus addressing the rough conditions on the high seas. Working in very great depths requires extremely great rope lengths, which we are able to produce easily and almost without limitation by means of our machinery.

  1. Vectran® 3000

    Vectran® 3000

    Due to its 12-plait weave, Vectran®  doesn’t show any stretch. The special coating makes it extremely resistant to abrasion and UV ligh...
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Our ropes - your benefit:

  • The ropes are extremely abrasion resistant while featuring minimal stretch.
  • Our synthetic ropes are highly resistant to corrosion and seawater.
  • We produce ropes that can be used countless times, featuring a long service life.
  • The ropes are very lightweight and easy to handle.
  • We manufacture your ropes to your wishes, including textile connecting points for measuring devices - without any metal components.
  • Vectran® 3000 
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