Being a system independent manufacturer of strapping, TEUFELBERGER offers you solutions custom-tailored to your specific requirements. After all, exceptional products and applications call for exceptional strapping solutions.

What is the difference between PP and PET-strapping?

When choosing the right strap you may ask yourself PP or PET. What is the difference? The most important factor to whether chooses PP or PET strapping is the application of the strap, how much load will be exposed on the strap during transport.

Generally valid:

PP Polypropylene straps are used for lighter applications. In many cases, they are narrower and available in different colors such as white, blue or black. This is the „classic“ strapping known from newspaper bundles or pallets.
PET Polyethylene terephthalate straps are in most cases wider and have a higher tensile strength / resistance. The straps are often green or black and used for heavier applications such as bundling metal pipes or building materials. In some cases, PET strapping is a good alternative to steel strapping.

Strapping Bands keep the world moving

TYCOON® PET and TEWE® PP strapping products cover a wide spectrum of possible uses to secure your transport from a to b. In their many diverse product variants, they keep goods from getting displaced, tilting, or being opened without permission. They also facilitate bundling up certain products in defined quantities and compressing them. In this way, strapping ensures tidiness and clarity, and provides for stability, protection, and safety. Strapping bands for safe transportation

  • Securing
  • Closing
  • Bundling
  • Compressing
  • Holding together

TYCOON® PET – a sustainable alternative to steel

In many areas of use, TYCOON® polyester strapping is suited to take the place of steel strapping. Featuring small manufacturing tolerances, a consistently high quality and high breaking strength, our PET strapping guarantees smooth processing workflows on both fully automatic strapping machines and handheld strapping tools.

TYCOON® PET boasts a compellingly high shock reserve

Dynamic stresses caused, for example, by vibrations or by moving and reloading pallets several times have a substantial impact on the stability of the packaged goods. Due to the high shock reserve, which is the product of elongation and breaking strength, TYCOON® polyester strapping offers significant advantages over steel and provides compact protection and long-term safety for strapped-up products

Steel strapping vs. TYCOON® PET strapping

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