Heat resistant ropes

The heat resistant ropes from TEUFELBERGER are specifically engineered for search and rescue tasks.

Our heat resistant rescue ropes consist of aramid. In a special rope construction, aramid fibers ensure that these rescue ropes are resistant to heat.  Furthermore, due to their compactness, our heat resistant ropes offer excellent abrasion resistance and high tensile strength. And they are comfortable and easy to handle. 

These rescue ropes are used mainly by firefighters and search parties. Also emergency descender devices certified to EN 341, Class D, use these ropes. To meet the safety-relevant requirements of these emergency response organizations, we develop our ropes in close cooperation with U.S. fire departments. As a result, we are able to offer you high quality aramid ropes with a high decomposition point.

Our product portfolio for heat resistant search and rescue ropes comprises four special-purpose rope models: Aramid Escape Rope, Yellowstone, Vulcanos, and T12.

  1. NYTech


    Special 3-strand rope for fire fighters and hot environments.
  2. Aramid Escape Line

    Aramid Escape Line

    Aramid Escape Line is certified to NFPA 2500(1983) and is used mainly by fire departments for protection during firefighting operations. 
  3. Yellowstone


    Yellowstone is a heat resistant rope from TEUFELBERGER and boasts a Technora® cover and a high tenacity polyamide core.
  4. Vulcanus


    Vulcanus from TEUFELBERGER is certified to EN 1891A. Because of its aramid cover, it is suited for use as a heat resistant rope.
  5. T 12


    Our T-12 rescue rope boasts very high breaking force, extremely low elongation, little creep, and excellent heat resistance.
  6. V 12

    V 12

    V-12 from TEUFELBERGER is a rope that consists of 100% Vectran® and features high strength and low stretch.
  7. Tech Line

    Tech Line

    Pure Technora® line made in Europe with excellent heat resistance.
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