Lightweight pulley for lanyards

glideHITCH is a pulley with a unique design that will surprise you with its versatility and ease of use, especially in lanyard configurations.

The glideHITCH is Teufelberger's certified pulley for treecare applications. It can be used with (fiber) ropes with a diameter up to 13 mm. Designed with our Ambassador Tanguy Bonniord, the compact design and two angled holes make it perfect for lanyard configurations, and so much more.


MBS: 35 kN
WLL: 7 kN
Max. rope diameter: 13 mm


  • EN 12278:2007
  • UIAA 130
  • CE 0408
  • UK CA

Introducing glideHITCH, the Teufelberger pulley designed specifically for lanyards. This versatile pulley is compatible with ropes and lanyards up to a maximum diameter of 13 mm, offering unparalleled flexibility in use.

glideHITCH is rigorously certified to meet industry standards, including

  • EN 12278:2007
  • UIAA 130
ensuring reliability and safety during every operation. With a safe working load of 7 kN and a maximum breaking strength of 35 kN in its weakest configuration, glideHITCH delivers exceptional performance for all your treecare needs.

What makes the glideHITCH special you may ask? Well, firstly there is the lightweight and very compact design and secondly, the two angled holes that make this pulley stand out. This configuration, initially created by our Ambassador Tanguy Bonniord, makes this pulley a breeze to use.

It is not only integrated in our hipSTAR Glide and miniGLIDE lanyards but also available as a standalone part.

Pulley for lanyards

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