Cambium saver with DMM pulley

The pulleySAVER from TEUFELBERGER is a cambium saver with a pulley supplied by DMM. It is the ideal tool for tree care operations.


Length: 2.50m
Standards: EN 795B:1996, EN 795B:2012, ANSI Z133-2012, AS/NZS 5532:2013

Made in

The pulleySAVER from TEUFELBERGER is an enhanced/improved version of its predecessor with some well-known, but also a number of new features:

  • Small Pinto pulley instead of the big one –  lightweight, easier to uninstall from the ground
  • Large Pinto pulley is available as a replacement part – can be exchanged as desired
  • Sirius Loop instead of Ocean Polyester Loop – longer service life due to the material
  • DMM retrieval cone: optimized in technology and appearance; proven DMM quality
  • Additional type of use through OD Loop 7mm with thimble and equaLIZA

The climbing rope moves on the PINTO pulley with the usual ease. The resilient eye which facilitates the retrieval of the pulleySAVER will return to its original position even after thousands of cycles. Of course, the pulleySAVER comes with TEUFELBERGER's patented [slaice]® rope end termination.

Attachment as an anchor point on a tree is possible in six different configurations, depending on the intended type of use: as a swinging element in a double leg configuration, as a choke sling, wrapped in a double leg configuration, constricted in a double leg configuration, in a double leg configuration using the Prusik Loop with thimble, and as a compensating anchor in combination with the equaLIZA.

The Ocean Dyneema® Loop T, the Sirius 10mm Pinto Loop and the Retrieval Cone S are available as separate replacement parts for the pulleySAVER. Moreover, the pulleySAVER can be enhanced by the equaLIZA, the Sirius 10mm Pinto Rig Loop and the Retrieval Cone L. 

Make sure that the Pinto pulley and the thimble on the Prusik loop do not touch but a distance is kept e.g. when climbing on the same level as your anchor point is. Otherwise the thimble may be torn into the pulley and damage it

The pulleySAVER can be applied as follows:

  • pulleySAVER standard:
  • pulleySAVER used together with the equaLIZA: 
  • pulleySAVER basal anchor used with the OD Loop Thimble:
  • pulleySAVER choked:
  • pulleySAVER wrapped:

ID Diameter
Min. breaking strength
Min. breaking strength
12 1/2 2 410 5 400
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