Maximum freedom of movement

The upMOTION SRT is a versatile chest harness for maximum freedom of movement in the tree.
This chest harness is not only a device for accessing the tree, it is much more. With its ability to change between a totally spec’d out chest harness with all the bells and whistles you could ever ask for and a down to the minimum version it has all the versatility you want.
upMOTION SRT comes in two sizes, detachable paddings, climbing harness and Hydro Pack attachment options, and much more.


  • Size S/M:
    • Chest circumference: 71 to 123cm
    • Height: up to 190cm
  • Size L/XL:
    • Chest circumference: 82 to163cm
    • Height: from 170cm
  • Color: black/red

Providing a versatile partner in the tree and giving the climber maximum freedom of movement were the main goals in developing upMOTION SRT. With these attributes, it is the perfect partner for your climbing harness like our treeMOTION Pro or Essential. Tailor it to your individual needs and make it your reliable partner in the trees.

Like our treeMOTION harnesses upMOTION SRT gives you the ability to add or remove parts and adopt it to your individual needs. It is available in two sizes to cater individual body types. You also can attach it to your climbing harness either on the back or on the front and the back. This gives you a tighter feel while you are climbing.

The preinstalled padding is also removeable. Especially during hot days that is a very handy option. One of many more features is the optional water bag. It doesn’t come with the harness, but you can attach it to the back of upMOTION SRT. A great feature here is, that the drinking tube attaches magnetically to the webbing. So, it is not irritating you while climbing.

The most important features are:

  • 2 sizes S-M / L-XL
  • Colored magnetic buckles for easy on and off
  • Removable padding
  • 2 Harness attachment loops at the back and the option of connecting the upMOTION SRT to the climbing harness at the front (no load distribution)
  • Delivered in a reusable bag
  • Many daisy chains on the front
  • Low weight
  • Optional Hydro Pack with magnetic drinking tube holder

Chest harness for tree climbers

How do I put on the chest harness

  1. Put it on like a jacket
  2. Close the magnetic buckles.
  3. If wanted attach upMOTION SRT to your climbing harness on the back and front

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