The uniquely designed carabiner for every situation

Presenting the karaT Carabiner – a cutting edge combination of a handy and light carabiner

Whether as a work or leisure companion, the karaT offers maximum freedom in climbing system, lanyard and many other applications.
Crafted to be smaller in size than standard carabiners, yet maintaining a standard width, it results in a lightweight carabiner that doesn't compromise on functionality. Plus, it’s unique matrix design makes it stand out.


Length: 95 mm
Width: 63 mm
Weight: 72 g
Color: Blue body, green sleeve
Locking: Triple-action locking system
Material: Aluminium


  • EN 362
karaT – the uniquely designed carabiner for every situation

The karaT Carabiner – Carefully engineered, the karaT is a handy and lightweight carabiner for climbers and adventurers. At its core, the karaT is crafted to be smaller in size than traditional carabiners while maintaining a standard width. This unique design ensures that you have a compact and lightweight solution without sacrificing functionality.

What truly sets the karaT Carabiner apart is its innovative matrix design, which not only enhances its visual appeal but also makes it light and strong at the same time. This distinctive feature ensures that it stands out among traditional options and seamlessly integrates with any climbing gear ensemble. Despite it’s smaller size it is as versatile as other carabiners on the market. Use it to attach to your climbing system, on lanyards for anchors or redirects. Whether you're a seasoned professional or an enthusiastic beginner, trust the karaT to deliver unmatched performance and style on every climb.

Main Features:

  • Short and versatile
  • Brings your equipment closer to your body
  • Lightweight and strong through Matrix design

Carabiner for climbing systems

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