treeMOTION S.light USCA

Climbing harness

Our treeMOTION S.light is the super-light climbing harness for tree care from TEUFELBERGER, offering the user high quality and comfort.


Standard: PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425, ANSI Z133, AS/NZS 1891.1, ASTM F887-16 TypA, CSA Z259.1-05 PD

Made in

The treeMOTION S.light is the light version of the popular treeMOTION harness.

The S.light has also been tested to 120 kg and features the safety seams at the ends of the rope bridge. The rear ring on this harness model continues to be red and is thus only suited to attach gear.

The thinner material and the lighter readjusting buckles make this harness extremely lightweight and, as a result, suited for tasks that require repeated ascending and descending. It adapts perfectly to your body and does not interfere with your climbing. 

Due to the exchangeable wearing parts the full service life of the harness can be optimally utilized. The following parts can be exchanged:

  • Rope bridge
  • Hip-leg connection
  • Comfort Back Padding
  • Left and right leg loops
  • Leg padding
  • Gear loops

Moreover, our treeMOTION S.light can be enhanced by a suitable shoulder strap.

Size Hip circumference
Hip circumference
Leg circumference
Leg circumference
Rated load
One size 76-91 30-36 52-66 20,5-26 2 4.40 150
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