Drive Ropes

In many mines, belt conveyor systems are used for bulk material handling. Depending on the manufacturer and make, the systems may be driven via so-called drive ropes made of steel. Two closed rope loops at the left and right hand side of the belt conveyor run via a traction sheave, thus driving the system.

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To ensure a reliable and long-term operation at low costs for maintenance and downtimes, the right choice of the drive ropes is essential. The following rope properties should be considered:

  • Exact rope diameter and rope stability over the entire rope length to ensure a quiet, vibration-free operation going easy on the plant
  • Sufficient rope flexibility to achieve the appropriate longevity in terms of bending cycles (lifetime maximization)
  • Rope splicing and splicing method

One of the most important factors influencing the lifetime of drive ropes is the splice. The splicing method as well as professional rope splicing are essential to keep maintenance expenses low and to ensure a long service life of the rope. TEUFELBEGRER relies on a splicing method developed in-house that has been used successfully for many years at the biggest ropeways in the world. Our own team of splicing specialists allows us to carry out professional splicing jobs all over the world.

Our range of products for material belt conveyors includes the so-called SOLITEC® ropes that can be provided with various wire coatings.

Our services for material belt conveyors

In terms of service & installation, we offer a comprehensive range of services for drive ropes used in material belt conveyors. For details regarding our services, please click here

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