The STRESSLESS technology developed by TEUFELBERGER is based on the sliding guide process, a method tried and tested over several decades, especially as an ideal technique for wire preforming.


In the sliding guide process applied during closing, the profiled wires are guided to the closing point by means of a method that is particularly gentle on the surface. The profiled wires used are manufactured especially for TEUFELBERGER and procured only from premium wire suppliers in the EU.

The trick in the sliding guide process is to bring the wires into exactly the helical shape that corresponds with the respective rope diameter. The helical-shaped wires provide, among others, for a neutral behavior when handling (e.g. pulling) the rope. Moreover, this construction fixes the outer wire layers in the rope structure so they cannot pop out in case of damage.

Therefore, our STRESSLESS technology results in a particularly low-twist construction and production, which, first and foremost, substantially facilitates the installation of the ropes.

STRESSLESS DATA – the carrying rope technology that can do more

Our revolutionary STRESSLESS DATA technology integrates fiber optic bundles securely into the carrying rope. Operators of passenger ropeways, material ropeways or cable crane facilities benefit from the simple and well protected installation of data lines right inside the rope. Moreover, electric conductors can be integrated in the carrying rope to provide top terminals with power. 

STRESSLESS DATA offers you the following benefits:

  • Highest data security
  • Reduced investment costs
  • No maintenance costs

Applications of our STRESSLESS technology

Our high performance steel wire ropes featuring the STRESSLESS technology are used as carrying ropes in passenger ropeways and material handling systems. This carrying rope is also available with integrated optical fibers or electric conductor. 


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