Policy for quality, environment, health and safety

In compliance with the principles on which the company's strategic objectives are based, the policy for quality, environment, health and safety of Redaelli is inspired by ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 and consists of :

  • Ensuring continued compliance with the contractual specifications and standards of the product produced and service provided, and wherever possible overcoming  the expectations of the customer; 
  • Continuous improvement of service’s quality provided by the technical and organizational activity of innovation in compliance with the environmental regulations; 
  • Continuous improvement of the effectiveness and efficiency of the production process and company’s  organization through the implementation of all technological and organizational actions aimed to reduce to the minimum the non-conformities, the timing of production, waste, delays and rework; 
  • Utmost attention to the variables of health and safety at work and environmental protection during production activities by pursuing the constant integration between the provisions herein and as implemented by SGI company; 
  • Growth and consolidation within the corporate structure of skills and capabilities that make the company grow and ensure complete sharing of the mission and values expressed in this document; 
  • Compliance with the norms of the Ethical Code adopted by the company; 
  • Cooperation and transparency with the supervisory bodies as regards matters relating to the environment and safety.
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