STRATOS® Winch Pro

STRATOS® Winch Pro, a fiber rope featuring a unique protective cover, is TEUFELBERGER's winch rope for professional full-time users.


Diameter: 8-23 mm
Lengths: Variable, made as needed
Construction: Kernmantle rope

The STRATOS® Winch Pro kernmantle rope made of UHMWPE is TEUFELBERGER's winch rope for professional use. 

The tightly braided UHMWPE cover protects the load-bearing UHMWPE fibers from abrasion and the ingress of dirt and, as a result, increases the rope's lifetime by severalfold.

Dimensioned and used correctly, this long-established and proven winch rope will last much longer than a steel rope. 

Types and areas of use:

  • Hauling rope for add-on winches and skidding winches
Rope diameter
Core diameter
Min. breaking strength, spliced
8 6 48 44
10.50 8 90 73
12 10 120 94
13 11 145 102
15 12 180 150
17 14 235 192
20 16 300 259
23 18 355 332
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