Rescue Assault

Static rope

Rescue Assault is a static rope that is highly resistant to cuts and sharp edges thanks to the unique Aramid intermediate sheath.


Core: Nylon
Cover: Aramid, Nylon
Standard: EN 1891A
Braid: 32

Made in
Color Images
  • Black

    11 mm

  • Orange

    11 mm

The cutting-edge static Rescue Assault rope, fortified with the revolutionary Aramid intermediate sheath called PROTECT technology, is engineered to exceed all expectations in the most demanding situations. This new ropes offers an additional level of safety to your daily work especially when it comes to sharp edges.


  • Unrivaled Durability

Constructed with the highest-quality materials, our Rescue Assault rope boasts exceptional durability, making it a reliable companion in even the harshest environments. Its unique and patented PROTECT technology with an Aramid intermediate sheath sets it apart from conventional ropes. It provides unmatched resistance to abrasion and wear, ensuring longevity and safety when dealing with sharp edges and rough surfaces.


  • Designed for Rope Rescue

When lives are on the line, you need a rope you can rely on. Our Rescue Assault rope is purpose-built for rope rescue scenarios, where strength, dependability, and performance are paramount. It maintains its structural integrity - even under heavy loads - making it an indispensable asset for professional rescuers and emergency response teams.


  • Ideal for Military and Special Operations applications

In military operations, precision and efficiency are crucial. Our static Rescue Assault rope is engineered to meet the rigorous demands of military use, ensuring that personnel can confidently navigate challenging terrains and complete missions with utmost safety and effectiveness.


  • Versatile Performance

Our Rescue Assault rope is not limited to specific applications. From technical rope rescue operations to military missions, rope access, and more, its versatility empowers users across various fields with the tools they need to achieve success.


Embrace the superior technology and unparalleled performance of our new Rescue Assault static rope. Whether you are a seasoned professional in rope rescue or a military operative seeking the best equipment, our rope is your ultimate solution. Invest in a rope that elevates your capabilities and enhances your safety. 


  • Highly resistant thanks to Aramid intermediate sheath
  • Unique and patented PROTECT technology
  • Structural integrity under heavy loads
  • Various fields of applications

Diameter Weight Shrinkage Elongation Minimum breaking force Cover
50 - 150 kg Free length Knotted Sewn
mm inch g/m lbs/100 % % daN lbf daN lbf daN lbf %
11 7/16 77 5.18 4 3 3 000 6 740 1 800 4 045 2 000 4 495 47
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