MFP Throwline


The MFP Throwline from TEUFELBERGER is ideal for use as a throwline as it flakes easily and resists kinking. 


Material: polypropylene
Braid: 12 

Made in
Color Images
  • Yellow/Red

    7 mm; 8 mm

The MFP Throwline is a 12-plait hollow braid rope of high-strength polypropylene. It is easily spliced and floats indefinitely. Applications for MFP Throwline include: water rescue throwline, heaving line, and river raft lanyards

The advantages of MFP Throwline are:

  • good handling
  • superior quality fibers
  • easily packable   
  • excellent floating characteristics
Diameter Weight Min. breaking strength, free length
mm inch g/m lbs/100 daN lbf
7 9/32 27.10 1.80 601 1 350
8 5/16 28.20 1.90 756 1 700
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