PLATINUM® Technology

PLATINUM® stands for an entirely novel breed of safety ropes made with cutting-edge technology.

This technology is characterized by the permanent mechanical interconnection between the rope‘s core and its cover. Core and cover yarns are interlaced with one another at regular intervals, which keeps any core/cover displacement from happening. These interconnection sites effectively stop any bunching of the cover and core. Thus, PLATINUM® enables the

excellent transmission of forces from the cover to the core region and, in this way, prevents any overloading of the cover.

In addition, PLATINUM® also includes the mechanical interconnection of the various twisted cores with one another. This optimizes the distribution of the load among the various cores. The outcome is a dimensionally stable, compact core bundle and thus an equally dimensionally stable, compact rope. PLATINUM® technology makes it possible, for the first time ever, to braid compact, and yet soft and flexible ropes that eliminate any core/cover displacement.

✔ Better handling

✔ Higher safety

Critical situations 

PLATINUM® ensures higher safety and better handling. A direct comparison will make these advantages more clear:

Coreless end of cover 

Pushing together of cover and core 

Sheath break 

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