Hauling rope

In many cases, a material ropeway is an inexpensive, functional and environmentally friendly system to transport bigger volumes of material over longer distances.

Relatively high initial investments for the erection of the material ropeway are compensated by an expected service life of usually several decades.

The demands on hauling ropes used in material ropeways are steadily increasing due to rising hourly capacities achieved by higher transport speeds and growing payloads. Therefore, to ensure a reliable and long-term operation at low costs for maintenance and downtimes, the right choice of steel wire rope is essential.

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A perfect and radially stable rope geometry over the whole length is needed to ensure that transport buckets are attached and detached reliably. At the same time, the rope structure must be flexible enough to withstand a maximum number of bending cycles while keeping rope elongation at a minimum.

Moreover, in unidirectional monocable railways with combined hauling/carrying rope systems, rope splicing plays an important role. The splicing method as well as professional rope splicing are essential to keep maintenance expenses low and ensure a long service life of the rope. TEUFELBEGRER relies on a splicing method developed in-house that has been used successfully for many years at the biggest ropeways in the world. Our own splicing team carries out professional splicing jobs all over the world.

Our tried and tested high-grade ropes for material ropeways as well as our decades of experience in this field guarantee maximum productivity of your system.

Our hauling rope product range includes our innovative SOLITEC® rope which is excellently suited for applications in material ropeways. This rope is available in different variants and can be customized exactly to your needs.

TEUFELBERGER service for material ropeways

In terms of service & installation, we offer a comprehensive range of services for hauling ropes used in material ropeways. For details regarding our services, please click here

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