Carrying rope

You move great volumes of material over long distances by means of a material ropeway and need an appropriate carrying rope? TEUFELBERGER offers the right solution.

Because of the constantly rising hourly capacities material ropeways have to deliver, the demands on the carrying ropes used are rising, too. To achieve higher transport speeds and growing payloads with material ropeways, the choice of the right carrying rope plays a decisive role.

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Apart from as long a service life as possible, a carrying rope used these days has to ensure, for example, that the transport buckets can be moved safely, smoothly and quickly from A to B. Our high-grade ropes for material ropeways are used successfully all over the world, demonstrating day after day that they live up to current requirements.

Our range of carrying ropes includes our innovative STRESSLESS rope which is excellently suited for applications in material ropeways. What makes this carrying rope so special is the fact that it is also available with integrated optical fibers or electric conductor.

TEUFELBERGER service for material ropeways

In terms of service & installation, we offer a comprehensive range of services for carrying ropes used in material ropeways. For details regarding our services, please click here

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