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Cable cranes are mainly used in the construction of big dams and bridges. They allow high loads to be safely and quickly transported to each point within the working range of the cable crane, thus ensuring a very efficient mode of operation. Cable cranes are designed in such a way that they achieve maximum lifetimes at constantly high operating rates. Unscheduled downtimes will inevitably lead to delays in construction and may thus cause huge additional costs.

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Therefore, the hoist rope of a cable crane must be able to lift high loads safely and reliably, on the one hand, and withstand the loads caused by the movements of the trolley, on the other hand. Moreover, multilayer spooling in the rope drum demands a certain radial stability of the rope, and the freely suspended load hook requires the use of a rotation resistant steel wire rope.

Our range of hoist ropes includes the EVOLUTION TK 16. Of course, this rope is available in different variants and can be adapted exactly to your cable crane.

Services for cable cranes

In terms of service & installation, we offer a comprehensive range of services for hoist ropes used on cable cranes. For details regarding our services, please click here

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