Our service - Our bonus for you

When it comes to service, TEUFELBERGER relies only on the best - our in-house specialists.

The provision of fiber ropes custom-tailored to your specific needs is a fundamental prerequisite for a lasting and successful business relationship. However, we from TEUFELBERGER offer an added extra: at the customer’s request we prepare the appropriate inspection and maintenance schedule for you and take charge of servicing your rope. Being used on construction sites, mounting and hauling ropes are exposed to very harsh conditions of use such as stony and sandy grounds or sharp edges and thorns. Quite frequently, the ropes are soiled to an extent that even the rope core is affected. All these factors will accelerate wear, and the rope needs to be inspected by specialists at regular intervals. This is the only way to ascertain whether a rope can still be used, whether it must be repaired or even has to be discarded altogether. The maintenance frequency depends mainly on the degree of utilization and the prevailing circumstances. Our experts will be happy to provide advice in these matters.

We offer the professional service that our premium products deserve:

  • Checking the degree of wear
  • Visual inspection for twist
  • Measurement of cross section
  • Checking rope end terminations
  • Detection of damaged spots
  • Checking for extraordinary soiling
  • Performing repair
  • Determining the residual breaking force
  • Documentation of the condition of the rope

Fiber Rope Service

Our TEUFELBERGER team is there for you, even if help is needed quickly after improper handling, vandalism or similar circumstances. Our experts are available for advice to decide on the further use of the rope and to perform repair at short notice, if required, thus helping you to save costs for unnecessary replacements or avoid long downtimes. 

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