Hoist Ropes for piling rigs

Piling rigs should have particularly flexible leader kinematics enabling very high radii and inclinations in all directions. This feature allows very efficient piling, thus enhancing the competitive position of the operating companies. Choosing the right high performance steel wire rope plays a crucial role when it comes to the cost effectiveness of these machines.
Teufelberger-Redaelli high performance steel wire ropes meet the requirements imposed on hoist ropes and/or auxiliary hoist ropes such as high rotation resistance, extreme resistance to wear and high resistance to external influences occurring during operation such as shock loads.
In the field of hoist ropes & auxiliary hoist ropes, Teufelberger-Redaelli offers highly compacted rotation resistant high performance steel wire ropes featuring extremely high minimum breaking load, robustness and flexibility, which are successfully used on piling equipment. As a matter of course, tested rope end terminations such as button sockets for commercially available pouch sockets, solid thimbles, as well as tests and acceptance certificates are part of our delivery program.

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