Dynamic rope

Our Apex series ropes are designed to provide optimum life safety,  while permitting climbers to push past their personal limits.


Standards: EN 892, UIAA 101
Core: polyamide
Cover: polyamide
Braid: 48
Made in

Color Images

  • Canyon STD-DRY

    10,5 mm

  • Technicolor STD-DRY

    10,5 mm

  • Green/Yellow STD-DRY

    10,5 mm

  • Purple Haze STD-DRY

    11 mm

  • Amber 2x-DRY

    11 mm

  • Spring STD-DRY

    11 mm

  • OD Green 2x-DRY

    11 mm

Apex ropes are dynamic climbing ropes certified to EN 892 and UIAA 101. Apex stands for excellent durability and maximum fall protection.

Apex ropes are designed to be pushed everyday.  They provide the long life and safety assurance you have come to expect from MAXIM® dynamic ropes. Apex is also subjected to our proprietary Endura Dry dry treatment process that all the cores are treated with.  Select models also have a dry cover for the ultimate in dry protection (2x-DRY). 

The distinctive features of our Apex climbing ropes include:

  • supple handling
  • extremely high durability
  • runs freely
  • excellent knotability
  • Endura Dry treatment
Dynamic elongation
Static elongation
Max. impact force
Max. impact force UIAA (kN) Max. impact force UIAA (%) Number of falls
Number of falls
10.50 74.4 5 28 29 4.80 2 698 9.40 28 10 12
11 81.8 5.50 29 29 4.80 2 698 9.60 29 13 15
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