Sight Connect

Your worldwide connection to the experts at Teufelberger-Redaelli.
Solve technical problems quickly and without complications.

Sight Connect – with this new digital service, Teufelberger-Redaelli has developed an assistance system that gives you access and personal support from our experts at any time and anywhere in the world. This allows you to solve technical problems immediately and without complications.

Via a digital interface, you will be connected to our experts, who will look over your shoulder via camera, analyze your individual problem, and assist you in troubleshooting.

Your benefits with Sight Connect

You can contact us at any time by appointment.

The support is there for you worldwide. All you need is a stable internet connection.

The connection is possible independent of the device.

Take advantage of this innovative support solution for your company and contact us.
We will be happy to create a suitable offer!

The system is designed and tested for industrial use with challenging environmental conditions:

  • Battery life over one shift (approx. 8h)
  • Waterproof
  • Dustproof
  • Shockproof
  • 100% hands-free control via voice input in 17 languages
  • Audio via speaker or headset
  • Microphone with powerful noise cancellation

Your connection with Sight Connect

  1. The connection can be made via SIM card, personal hotspot or a local WLAN.
  2. Contact with our experts is easy to establish by appointment.

Sight Connect's system works anywhere - at your company's location, at the point of use of your product/application, or at your customer's site. All you need is a stable internet connection

Your hardware package with Sight Connect

  • Premium case: shockproof hard plastic shell, lockable, waterproof and dustproof.
  • Realwear: HMT1 Head Mounted incl. USB data cable
  • New: Realwear Navigator 500
  • Headstrap: for use without helmet
  • Headset: incl. ear protection
  • Helmet: Petzl Vertex
  • Mounting clips: HMT1 for Petzl Vertex helmet
  • Optional: mobile WLAN router, rope measurement set, groove gauges

Your entry into the Sight Connect Portal

Inside the Sight Connect case is a QR code that allows you to enter the Sight Connect portal for the first time by scanning it with the device of your choice. If you are logged in, then:

    • our experts are available to you online.
    • your calls are archived on the Sight Connect mobile app.
    • you can make appointments.
    • and communicate with our experts via chat.


You can download the Sight Connect app to any of your mobile devices, so you have all your archived records with you at all times.



"With our new Sight Connect service, we visually connect directly with our customers to provide straightforward and, most importantly, timely support."

Sascha Stumpfoll, Team Lead OEM

Application areas of Sight Connect

The new Sight Connect support system can be used in a wide variety of applications, even with the most challenging environmental conditions:





Additional areas of use for Sight Connect

Sight Connect supports you and our experts in many applications such as the

    • Detection of discard maturity of steel wire ropes
    • Evaluation of the spooling behavior of a rope on the winch
    • Coordination of maintenance activities
    • Assessment of wear of rope carrying components
    • Evaluation of aging due to storage as well as in the case of
    • Training of employees on measurement techniques, rope installation, maintenance, etc.

Take advantage of this innovative support solution for your company and contact us.
We will be happy to create a suitable offer!

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