The robust rope featuring SUPERFILL® compaction technology and PLASTFILL® insert excels as dragline in gravel mining and scraper installations as well as on logging winches.


Lang’s lay, right or left lay
6 x K21F-SFC, RCN 03
Use without swivel

✔ Multilayer spooling

Cable dredgers in gravel mining demand maximum performance of steel wire ropes in terms of flexibility and resistance to shock loads. The 6-strand steel wire rope PS610F from TEUFELBERGER lives up to this requirement.  

Benefits of PS610F

  • Long service life due to very robust design with plastic-infused fiber core
  • Extremely resistant to wear and shock due to the flexible plastic-infused fiber core, the thick outer wires and the high degree of compaction of the strands by means of SUPERFILL® compaction technology
  • Very good handling properties in use due to flexibility and dimensional stability under lateral pressure 
Product name Diameter Weight Mindestbruchkräfte
Festigkeitsklassen 1960 N/mm²
[mm] [inch] [kg/m] [lbs/ft] [kN] [lbs]
PS 610 F 22 2.10 1.41 375 84 303
PS 610 F 26 2.75 1.85 517 116 226
PS 610 F 29 3.70 2.48 643 144 552
PS 610 F 36 5.25 3.52 955 214 693
PS 610 F 40 6.47 4.34 1 232 276 965
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