Product launch at the tree care days in Augsburg

The Treecare team will be presenting an impressive range of 13 new products at this year's trade fair for tree care in Augsburg. This expansion of the range is the result of intensive research and development combined with many years of experience and our passion for innovation. Our new products are designed to become long-lasting companions for arborists and tree climbers, helping them to easily master their daily work and the associated challenges.

Here is a brief overview of the latest solutions for tree care:

  • hipSTAR Glide Next generation of the current hipSTAR Flex lanyard for multifunctional work positioning
  • miniGLIDE: Serves as an additional, compact lanyard, deflection or anchorage device
  • glideHITCH Flexible pulley for configurations with short belays
  • karaT Lightweight and robust carabiner for maximum mobility
  • upMOTION Versatile chest harness with many different configurations
  • Hydro Pack Hydration bag accessory for the upMOTION chest harness

Under the motto "Innovation since 1790 and beyond", we proudly present these latest additions to our tree care product portfolio.

See for yourselves!