Featuring extremely high breaking forces and minimum diameter tolerances, EVOLUTION TK17 PLUS  is particularly suited for application on all terrain cranes and crawler cranes.


Lang’s lay (also available as ordinary lay rope), right or left lay

  • 16 x K7-IWRC (K), RCN 23-2 

✔ Multilayer spooling

Made in

All terrain cranes and crawler cranes of leading manufacturers worldwide make it possible to work with ever increasing loads at extreme heights. TEUFELBERGER offers the EVOLUTION TK17PLUS as hoist rope featuring even higher breaking forces due to specifically developed and thoroughly tested manufacturing parameters.


  • Breaking forces specified by common manufacturers of all terrain cranes and crawler cranes
  • Perfect spooling behavior in multilayer spooling use due to exact diameter tolerances and high dimensional stability under lateral pressure, even under enormously demanding conditions
  • Easy installation and perfect handling features on reeving due to the rope’s very high flexibility
  • Safe and trouble-free operation and handling due to perfect torsional behavior even with heavy loads and enormous lifting heights
  • Excellent service life due to high wear resistance in multilayer spooling applications due to the advanced compacted surface and enormous dimensional stability under lateral pressure
  • Teufelberger offers the correct end-terminations for this rope for the most common cranes as well
Product name Diameter Weight Mindestbruchkräfte
Festigkeitsklassen 1960 N/mm²
[mm] [inch] [kg/m] [lbs/ft] [kN] [lbf]
EVOLUTION TK 17 Plus 23 2.62 1.76 550 123 645
EVOLUTION TK 17 Plus 26 3.34 2.24 682 153 320
EVOLUTION TK 17 Plus 28 3.89 2.61 811 / 814 * 182.320 / 182.994 *
EVOLUTION TK 17 Plus 32 1.25 4.98 3.34 1 035 232 677
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