STRATOS® Easyglide

Rope glider made of high-strength plastic material

STRATOS® Easyglide is the cutting-edge rope glider par excellence from TEUFELBERGER.


  • Total weight: 0.75 kg (twitch hook, loop, and chain guide)
  • Diameter: 100 mm
  • Width: 60 mm

It impresses with its low weight accomplished by using high-strength plastic material and a rope sling made of UHMWPE material. Compared to other commercially available rope gliders, STRATOS® easyglide provides a large entrance radius which prevents any squeeze of the winch rope by the choker.

As a consequence, the main cause of ruptured synthetic ropes is now a thing of the past. STRATOS® Easyglide can be used for 7, 8 & 10 mm choker chains on all STRATOS® winch ropes. Its individual components are available as separate items as shown above. It is suited for use with any STRATOS® winch rope.

Design Seil-Ø
STRATOS® Easyglide für 7 & 8 mm Kette 8 -17 70 0.75
STRATOS® Easyglide für 10 mm Kette 8- 17 70 0.85
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