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A new cable car was inaugurated in August 2023, connecting the village of Lana with Monte San Vigilio even more efficiently. This cable car has been a landmark for the Merano hiking and skiing area since way back in 1912.

The history of the Vigiljoch cable car began over 100 years ago, precisely on August 31, 1912, when it was inaugurated in a grand ceremony. The line was divided into two sections, with an intermediate station located at an altitude of 861 meters above sea level. This solution was adopted to increase the hourly capacity, as the wooden and steel cabins traveled at only 6.5 km/h. The price of a ride was two crowns.

The installation was a true masterpiece in the ropeway field, thanks to the innovations brought by engineer Zuegg from Lana, founder of the company Hölzl (now Doppelmayr Italia). In 1953, after 40 years of accident-free service, thanks in part to the supply at the time by Redaelli, the system was completely rebuilt by Hölzl. Aluminum cabins were introduced, the intermediate station was demolished and new concrete supports and a new cableway mechanics were installed.

Therefore, a decision was made in 2022 to completely renovate the facility, switching to a new generation that is technologically advanced. Thanks to the new 40-seat cabins and higher speed, capacity has been doubled and stability in windy conditions improved through the use of two load-bearing ropes per line, manufactured by Teufelberger - Redaelli, with FLC3Z diam. 44 mm by 114 tons. The cars are equipped with modern equipment, including an integrated rescue system that has eliminated the need for transshipment to rescue trolleys in case of technical failure. All while staying true to their roots, so the historic valley and mountain stations, dating back to 1912 and protected as heritage sites, were renovated and integrated into the new classically designed structure.

The main challenge for the construction teams, and for the companies that supplied materials such as Teufelberger - redaelli, was meeting the tight schedule. The old cable car was to be demolished in November 2022; as a result, most of the work was carried out during the cold winter months, at altitudes between 300 and 1,500 meters above sea level.

The entire plant was totally designed and built in the Lana plants, where about 120 employees are mainly dedicated to the construction of special plants of this type, both for the domestic and foreign markets. In recent years, Teufelberger - Redaelli's relationship with Doppelmayr's Italian headquarters has become increasingly close, collaborating on the design of special plants. In 2023, Doppelmayr celebrates its 130th anniversary since its founding, boasting the realization of 15,400 installations worldwide, of which an important part has used Teufelberger - Redaelli ropes.

Key facts

Signal rope used: HERCULES

  • Length: 2.300 m.
  • Rope diameter: 26 mm.
  • Weight: 6,9 Ton.

Carrying rope used: FLC 3Z

  • Length: Nr. 4 x 2.452 m
  • Rope diameter: 44
  • Weight 27 Ton.

Key facts project

  • Ropeway type: ATW

  • Year of construction and delivery: 2023

Scope of project

  • Cable system supply and splice