TEUFELBERGER honored with the Worldstar Global Packaging Award for sustainable packaging

The Worldstar Global Packaging Award is presented annually by a jury consisting of the international members of the WPO from 34 countries (World Packaging Organization) and is one of the most prestigious awards in the packaging industry. In the 2021 evaluation, the focus was specifically on the sustainability of a packaging solution. TEUFELBERGER emerged as a winner in the "Packaging Materials and Components" category from a total of 345 entries. This award was preceded by a nomination for the Green Packaging Award in Austria.

The TEWE® SoPRIM® strapping is an impressive result of a holistic, consistently lived sustainability concept at TEUFELBERGER. The idea was to create a lighter strap that requires less raw material and can still provide the same performance. In addition, it should be 100% recyclable through simple material separation. In its development, TEUFELBERGER also focused on the packaging of TEWE® SoPRIM® and achieved some relief in the daily handling of strapping coils. Practical handles are attached to the packaging, and the load when lifting the coil out of the packaging is significantly reduced thanks to the innovative design.

The jury justified the award of TEWE® SoPRIM® as follows: “The white PP strapping TEWE® SoPRIM® protects the environment and minimizes downtimes in strapping machines. New technologies achieve better performance while reducing the amount of material used. Compared to standard products, raw materials are saved by 10%, which leads to significantly lower CO2 emissions”.

Minimal downtime for strapping machines and maximum efficiency are particularly important in the printing and packaging industry. "We are proud that our intensive efforts to offer our customers sustainable solutions have been crowned with this award," said Jürgen Scheiblehner, Managing Director of the strapping division at TEUFELBERGER, pleased about the award.

The festive award ceremony is planned for May 2021.