Sirius 10mm Pinto Loop

Replacement part for the pulleySAVER

The Sirius 10mm Pinto Loop is a replacement part for the pulleySAVER. Due to its international certification, it can be used for many applications in tree care.


Standards: EN 795B:1996, EN 795B:2012, ANSI Z133-2012 (Prusik)

Made in

The Sirius 10mm Pinto Loop as a replacement part helps utilize the full service life of the pulleySAVER. Professional arborists will also use this expedient tool in rescue situations. 

Our Sirius 10mm Pinto Loop is characterized by international certification. Moreover, it is lightweight and compact in use and, due to its international standards, very versatile for use in tree care.

ID Replacement/Enhancement for Diameter
Min. breaking strength
Min. breaking strength
pulleySAVER 10 3/8 2 450 5 500
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