Wire Rope App SIDIS

Determining your crane rope’s point of discard quickly and easily 

SIDIS - the Wire Rope app of TEUFELBERGER - provides assistance in determining the current condition of a crane rope and calculates the level of wear according to the discard criteria stipulated in ISO 4309. This makes the app an ideal tool for inspectors, maintenance managers and all those who inspect steel wire ropes for companies.


With the SIDIS app, the team of TEUFELBERGER has developed a useful tool allowing you to determine the point of discard of your crane rope on your own, quickly and easily. SIDIS offers access to the specific data of your crane rope anytime - conveniently via your cell phone. SIDIS excels due to its easy handling and secure access to your data, and it offers you an ideal interface to your TEUFELBERGER team. 

This is how you benefit from SIDIS:

  • Save time and costs due to a quick and comfortable crane rope inspection:
    • Quick entry of the required rope data
    • Convenient inspection of all crane rope types by means of stored RCN numbers - TEUFELBERGER steel wire ropes can be added easily via a selection list
    • Easy determination of the point of discard by means of traffic light system
    • Support of your controlling department through rope-related evaluations
    • Processing of rope evaluations by exporting the data as PDF or sending them by e-mail
  • All rope data at a glance by generating a history of your rope analyses:
    • Quick and easy retrieval of your rope inspections
    • Access to your recorded data anytime and everywhere
    • Data security due to encrypted access with user name and password
    • More comfort due to a direct link to TEUFELBERGER

Determining the point of discard

 This is how you determine the point of discard of a crane rope:

1. Enter the basic rope data such as:

  • Nominal and reference diameter
  • Rope length
  • Rope design
  • RCN number of the rope, TEUFELBERGER rope or manual entry of your crane rope type

2. Enter the company for which the rope inspection is carried out

3. Select the crane used incl. the specific rope application

4. Enter the rope inspection data such as:

  • Actual diameter of the rope
  • Rope corrosion
  • Number of wire breakages
  • Photos of the rope

5. Start the calculation to determine the point of discard

As soon as SIDIS has completed the calculation to determine your crane rope’s point of discard you know the current condition of your rope. You can decide on your own when it makes sense to order a new rope. The report of the rope inspection is stored in your app. You can retrieve and complement it anytime. Of course, you can check numerous crane ropes by means of our app.

Other functions of the app

 Apart from determining the point of discard, SIDIS will also provide you with other information about the maintenance of crane ropes. Moreover, you can send us your concerns and your rope-specific questions via the app. 

App download

 Download SIDIS for free by clicking here:

App privacy statement and conditions of use

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