Vectran® 3000

Technical fiber rope

Due to its 12-plait weave, Vectran®  doesn’t show any stretch. The special coating makes it extremely resistant to abrasion and UV light.


Diameter: 3-12 mm
Material: Vectran®
Color: Black

Benefits of our Vectran® 3000:

  • Hardly any stretch
  • No danger of injury, easy and quick handling
  • Extremely high abrasion resistance combined with a long service life
  • Resistance to corrosion and seawater
  • Great ease of splicing

Applications and fields of use:

  • For oceanographic applications, for locating oil and gas deposits in the deep sea
  • All other applications where ropes with no stretch are needed (e.g. for the exact positioning of loads or for longer tensioning without a change of position).
Minimum breaking load
3 200 210 5.70
3.50 100 290 8.80
4 100 310 10.30
4.50 100 400 12
5 100 450 13
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