STRATOS® Support

TEUFELBERGER's STRATOS® Support is a guyline for intermediate supports and facilitates the stabilization of support trees.


Diameter: 14 mm
Lengths: Variable, made as needed
Construction: Kernmantle rope
Cover: Polyester
10 tensioning loops (MBF 20 kN), sewn onto the rope 
Color: White with black torsion & length markings

Our STRATOS® Support facilitates the stabilization of support trees. Its low weight and special mounting loops speed up the installation process. Cloth bags used to transport the rope protect it from abrasion.

Supplied on rings, with two splices including thimbles (eye stiffeners). An optional cloth bag used to transport and protect the tensioning loops (for 10 loops) can
be ordered as an accessory item. To safeguard the proper technical function of STRATOS® Support, ordering a support securing rope is mandatory (support securing rope: 3 m). Important! Shackles are not included in the scope of delivery!

Types and areas of use:

  • Guyline for intermediate supports
Design Rope diameter
Min. breaking strength, spliced
Spanning loop
Seil/Rope 14 85 125 20
Sicherung/Protection rope 14 580 [gesamt/total] 20
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