Steel Wire Ropes

Range of use for TEUFELBERGER steel wire ropes.

TEUFELBERGER has produced steel wire ropes in Wels since 1917. And its St. Aegyd plant since way back in 1845. TEUFELBERGER steel wire ropes have proven effective in many applications. The wide portfolio of products ranges from steel wire ropes for cranes and passenger ropeways to ropes for offshore platforms.

TEUFELBERGER high performance steel wire ropes are being used for various tasks on cranes around the world. In order to keep their quality at the highest level, a team of experts has been working continuously on upgrading existing and developing new products. In these endeavors, we work together closely with our renowned customers so as to find the perfect solution for their high demands. 
Our range of services encompasses rope assembly, splicing, exchanging ropes, and even providing customized training. For these purposes, our service teams are deployed to many countries of the globe. 

Teufelberger steel wire ropes for the following applications:

  • ship cranes, harbor cranes, construction cranes, offshore cranes, scraper systems, and industrial applications
  • passenger and material ropeways
  • slope groomer winches
  • mining
  • forestry

soLITE® - the fiber rope structured like a steel wire rope

soLITE® by TEUFELBERGER, the first-ever fiber rope featuring a steel wire rope construction, impresses its users by providing 10% more in loading capacity and 80% less in weight than its steel counterparts. Developed together with the crane specialists at LIEBHERR, it has already taken the place of steel wire ropes in challenging lifting applications.

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