• Notable crane manufacturers around the globe rely on cost-effective hoist and boom hoist ropes from TEUFELBERGER
    Hoist and boom hoist ropes
    from TEUFELBERGER for ship cranes
  • EVOLUTION TK16 withstands the brutally harsh conditions on ship cranes
    used as hoist and auxiliary hoist rope on ship cranes

High performance steel wire ropes for ship cranes

Crane ropes for your ship crane

TEUFELBERGER delivers innovative premium-quality steel wire rope solutions meeting the high demands of maritime cargo transport. Joint development efforts with crane manufacturers, as well as close cooperation with our suppliers ensure that our products live up to your expectations. Intensive cooperation with long-term key customers is testament to our unwavering commitment to the needs of our users and partners.

Safety and cost effectiveness have been top priorities at TEUFELBERGER for more than 200 years. 


High performance steel wire ropes used as hoist ropes, auxiliary hoist ropes, or boom hoist ropes

TEUFELBERGER offers a wide portfolio of special ropes for a variety of uses on heavy lift cranes:

  • Ropes for deck cranes
  • Ropes for floating cranes
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