The high-strength fiber rope for lifting applications was developed specifically for use on tower, mobile and crawler cranes. The comparison to steel wire rope leaves no doubt.


  • 80 % lower rope weight. Hence, lighter hook block and thus 10 % greater loading capacity than with steel wire rope
  • Higher crane availability
  • No wear on crane components such as sheaves and drums
  • Many times longer rope lifetime
  • Environmentally friendly – no lubricants 
  • Easy detection of point of discard
  • Great ease of handling

TEUFELBERGER, the mother company of Teufelberger-Redaelli, is the only rope specialist worldwide that is leading in both the wire rope and the fiber rope world. In a joint effort spanning several years, TEUFELBERGER and Liebherr, one of the world’s leading crane manufacturers, developed soLITE ®, a ground breaking, innovative high-strength fiber rope for challenging lifting applications, especially for use on tower, mobile and cralwer cranes.


Patented soLITE® construction

soLITE® is a fiber rope featuring a unique, innovative and patented fiber-rope based steel wire rope construction. We designed soLITE® by using the best, extremely lighweight, high-strength synthetic fiber.

The impressive result is a combination of the advantages of a high performance steel wire rope with those of a high-strength fiber rope.

soLITE® convinces in the wire rope world

High performance steel wire ropes are undoubtedly a good solution for many use scenarios.

In particular, soLITE®offers you unbeatable advantages for many challenging lifting applications such as on tower, mobile or crawler cranes.


Safer than a steel wire rope thanks to reliable determination of point of discard:

While in the case of steel wire ropes, the point of discard can be determined according to DIN ISO 4309 based on broken wires, damage patterns, or corrosion, this has not been reliably possible for fiber ropes. However, soLITE® fiber ropes now permit the redundant determination of the point of discard.

The protective cover consists of fibers of various colors which, due to their consistency, wear differently. As soon as the red core becomes visible, soLITE® must be discarded.

In combination with the bending cycle counter on the crane or the machine, soLITE® can be used on almost any reeving system.

In effect since 2017, the FEM 5.024 standard also defines guidelines, particularly regarding the point of discard for the safe use of high performance fiber ropes on cranes. At the time when the point of discard has just been reached, soLITE®, thanks to its design, still has 100 % of its breaking load. This makes it even safer than a steel wire rope.

The following movie shows how easily and reliably the point of discard of the fiber rope soLITE® can be identified:

Another interesting application area:

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