Sirius 300 XG

Motor winch rope

Sirius 300 XG offers an excellent price/performance ratio at very good friction values, good breaking forces, low stretch and a long service life.


Diameter: 4-14 mm
Cover: polyester
Core: polyester
Colors: red-white, blue-white, green-white
Certification possible for the lifting of loads acc. to the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC as amended

Due to the use of premium materials, the user can rely on Sirius 300 XG in each and every situation.

Due to the high breaking force, the low slip and the perfect spooling behavior, Sirius 300 XG is the ideal rope for your mounting winch, whether spill or drum type, in all temperatures, weather and ambient conditions.

Benefits of Sirius 300 XG:

  • High breaking force, minimal slip, perfect spooling behavior
  • No corrosion, no soiling caused by rope grease
  • No danger of injury, easy and quick handling
  • Flexibility in terms of design
  • Excellent UV stability
  • High temperature resistance
  • Very high abrasion resistance, low stretch and high radial stability
  • Very good bending fatigue strength - resulting in a long service life
  • Excellent price/performance ratio

Applications and fields of use of our Sirius 300 XG:

  • Equally suitable for spill winches and drum winches
  • All applications where the rope is exposed to strong sunlight
  • Wherever high temperature resistance, low slip and high cover friction are needed
Minimum breaking load
4 200 550 12
5 200 850 20
6 200 1 150 27
8 200 1 800 49
10 200 2 800 71
12 150 3 800 103
14 100 5 000 140
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