QS 816 V - Woodliner

QS 816 V - Woodliner is TEUFELBERGER's reliable skyline for Woodliner carriages.


Diameter: 20 and 22 mm
Construction: 8 x K26WS-EPIWRC (K), RCN 9
Rope grade: 1960
Compaction: Strand compaction (SUPERFILL®)
Overmolded core insert (PLASTFILL®)
Surface: Galvanized
EN 12385-4

TEUFELBERGER's QS 816V - Woodliner is used as a carriage skyline on tower yarders and long distance winches. 

QS 816V – Woodliner offers the following benefits:

  • High reliability and safety in use due to exceptionally high breaking forces
  • Cost reduction due to less rope wear
  • Longer service life and fewer maintenance intervals
  • Trouble-free operation thanks to excellent absorption of impacts and vibrations
  • Long lifetime due to smoother rope surfaces – ideal for multilayer spooling

Types and areas of use:

  • Skyline for Woodliner carriages (for tower yarders and long distance winches)
Minimum breaking force at a tensile strength of 1960 N/mm²
Aluminum ferrule size Standard codes
20 365 1.89 24 S
22 451 2.34 26 S
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