High quality PET strapping for extremely challenging heavy duty applications

Polyester strapping, 16 - 32 mm (5/8” - 1 1/4") wide, for extremely challenging types of use that require increased edge and welding joint strength

Made in

In many cases, standard strapping technologies no longer live up to the increasing demands of heavy duty applications in the building supplies, wood & timber, metal, and baling industries. By launching TYCOON® XTend, TEUFELBERGER introduces a type of strapping into the market that offers enhanced functionality and high quality. And all that without compromises when it comes to the safety and stability of your packaging. 

TYCOON® XTend – zero compromises!

XTended Tenacity – enhanced tenacity

  • increased edge strength
  • free from shock splitting – improved characteristics with regard to shock splitting, even at low ambient temperatures

XTended Shock Reserve – increased shock reserve

  • this strapping is capable of absorbing even extremely high shock loads
  • ideal combination of high breaking strength and 16% elongation 

XTended weldability – increased welding joint strength

  • higher welding joint strength, even at low ambient temperatures
  • fewer outliers

TYCOON® XTend – better performance with identical dimensions!

Upgraded manufacturing technology, an improved raw material process, and, most of all, a new formula including a patented additive form the basis for the new generation of TYCOON® XTend strapping products. A leap in performance in our new green. 

TYCOON® XTend – also available in jumbo make-up!

Our XTend polyester strapping is available in different jumbo versions and offers you significantly more meters per coil. Not only does this reduce the number of required coil changes, but it also enhances the cost-effectiveness of your application.

AAR certification

Also, our XTend polyester strapping has been certified and approved by the AAR (Association of American Railroads) for open top rail transport (Open Top Loading Rules). In the NAFTA zone, securing cargo on railroad wagons by means of strapping is permitted only with this special printed and highly tear resistant strapping. AAR marking is applied on the strapping by using our HQ Inkjet printing process.

TYCOON® XTend strapping comes in the following dimensions:




Breaking strength


16 – 32 mm

0.80 - 1.50 mm

406x148 mm

406x155 mm
406x185 mm
406x250 mm
406x300 mm

500 - 1,800 kg


5/8”- 1 1/4”

0.030 – 0.060”




1.100 - 4.000 lbs

* other strapping criteria on request

TYCOON® XTend strapping is also available in the following jumbo make-ups: 




MEGA Jumbo-V


70 kg/coil

70 kg/coil

110 kg/coil

150 kg/coil

330 kg/coil

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