High quality PET strapping as an alternative to polypropylene

Polyester strapping, 8 – 12 mm (1/3” – 1/2”) wide, for any type of bundling task. Cost-friendly alternative to polypropylene applications for fully automatic strapping machines.

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TYCOON® Speed is our ideal alternative to polypropylene strapping in high speed applications with high throughput. This PET strapping facilitates significantly higher remaining strap tension and results in a more cost-effective packaging of a higher quality. For the permanently stable packaging of your products.

Advantages of TYCOON® Speed

  1. speed
    • up to 40% more meters per coil - fewer coil changes
    • faster coil changes due to 1-2 Strap technology
    • developed for fully automatic high-throughput strapping machines
  2. greater packaging stability
    • 60% higher remaining strap tension
    • increased UV stability as compared to polypropylene
  3. quality
    • more stable surface and thus less abrasion
  4. cost-effectiveness
    • cost-friendly and higher-quality alternative to PP

Watch our TYCOON® Speed in action! 

TYCOON® Speed strapping comes in the following dimensions:





Breaking strength


8 – 12 mm

0.36 - 0.60 mm

200x190 mm

280x190 mm

406x148 mm

406x185 mm

85 - 220 kg


1/3”- 1/2”

0.014 – 0.024”





187 - 485 lbs

* other strapping criteria on request

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