Corrugated board

Strapping intended fort he corrugated board industry must be of the highest quality to guarantee trouble-free and safe packaging processes for small and large packaging units and to archive a high number of processing cycles.

  • high number of cycles possible thanks to consistently high quality
  • high strap tension
  • minimal edge deformation
  • high strap stiffness

End products range from different types of cardboard packaging such as corrugated boards, boxes to sheets.

  1. TYCOON® Speed

    TYCOON® Speed

    Polyester strapping, 8 – 12 mm (1/3” – 1/2”) wide, for any type of bundling task. Cost-friendly alternative to polypropylene applications for fully au...
  2. TYCOON® GreenPerformance

    TYCOON® GreenPerformance

    Environmentally friendly polyester strapping, 12 - 19 mm (1/2” - 3/4”) wide, for all fully automatic strapping machines and hand tools
  3. TYCOON® HighTension

    TYCOON® HighTension

    Polyester strapping, 8 – 25 mm (1/3” – 1 1/4”) wide, particularly suited for applications that require high tension and where ...
  4. TYCOON® XTend

    TYCOON® XTend

    Polyester strapping, 16 - 32 mm (5/8” - 1 1/4") wide, for extremely challenging types of use that require increased edge and welding joint stren...
  5. TYCOON® XTend Sigma

    TYCOON® XTend Sigma

    Smooth polyester strapping, 9 - 32 mm (3/8” - 1 1/4") wide, for extremely demanding applications involving the use of Signode® strapping mac...
  6. TEWE® S Band

    TEWE® S Band

    The narrow PP strap TEWE® S is applicable for all conventional strapping machine.
  7. TEWE® SoPRIM®


    The narrow strap (4 – 6 mm / 1/6 – 1/4“) wide PP strap is special due to its optimized use of raw material. TEWE® SoPRIM® is suitable for all common s...
  8. TEWE® A-Band

    TEWE® A-Band

    PP strapping, between 7 and 19 mm (1/4” – 3/4") width suited for all common strapping machines.
  9. TEWE® TeraStrap®

    TEWE® TeraStrap®

    Polypropylene strap between 8 and 19 mm (1/3 – 3/4“) width, ideal for sealing and securing light loads by hand.
  10. TEWE® Special  Band

    TEWE® Special Band

    Included in the Special Strapping line is TEWE® UV, with UV additive increasing the UV stability, TEWE® SHE/HE with high / extra-high elongation, TEWE...
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