Sustainability - to safeguard the future of our environment

Our goal: to manufacture sustainable straps from plastic materials to create high-quality packaging solutions.

We always act responsibly, day after day, in our product development activities, but also in our interactions with employees, and in our use of raw materials and resources. We are firmly committed to reuse and recycling and focus on the continuous development of our sustainable product portfolio. And we do this always with the goal in mind to convert as many recyclable resources as possible into high-quality strapping (designed-to-recycle) and to use virgin material with care.

Our commitment

Embracing responsibility is deeply ingrained in our history and our set of values. To this end, we leverage not only the contributions of every one of us as individuals, but also build on our organization’s commitment toward our planet, our employees, customers, and partners, and toward society as a whole.

Creating added value for employees and the region

As a family enterprise with a long-standing tradition, we have firm regional roots and assume responsibility in the regions in which we operate. We make an important contribution to creating secure jobs, offer forward-looking training programs, and support society through individual, but also institutional sponsorships.

Protecting our resources

The careful handling of all available raw materials is a matter of particular importance to us. We aim to make our manufacturing processes as resource-efficient as possible, manufacture recyclable products, and use renewable raw materials. This is why we rely on recycled materials, give recyclables a second life, minimize wastage, and make reusability a top priority.

Using energy sustainably

Since energy constitutes an important sustainability marker for us as a manufacturing company, we rely on renewable energy sources and on curbing our energy consumption through the use of energy-efficient state-of-the-art lighting, cooling, and heating technologies.

Progress through innovation and cutting-edge technologies

For us, innovation means to think holistically. Whether the aim is achieving longer product lifetimes, improved handling, or more sustainable materials - almost 5% of our workforce is continuously working on new or optimized products and processes in order to offer our customers technically and commercially

Enhancing safety

For us, ensuring the health and safety of our employees is always our number one priority. This is why we focus particularly on occupational safety throughout the production process and guarantee that our products are free from health-threatening substances. Furthermore, through our product portfolio, we contribute to making our environment safer.

Our goals 2030 - that’s what we want to archive

  • Climate-neutral product portfolio
  • Strapping to contain 90% recycled materials
  • 20% less manufacturing waste
  • Collection of used strapping

Circular economy for strapping – how it works

Recyclable design

The product is designed in a way that it can be recycled. We prefer monomaterials over composites, and the various packaging material are clearly visible and easy to separate.

Efficient recycling

In addition to the technical feasibility of recycling after use, it is important to provide an efficient material recycling system. One example of such a system is our Strap-to-Strap collection program.

Close the Loop

The idea of a closed cycle is that the material can be reused for the same product instead of being downcycled to be used for a lower-grade product. At present, however, strapping often ends up in thermal disposal systems.

Use of recycled material

The reclaimed material is used for the production of new strapping. „Strap to Strap“

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