Teufelberger thinks in circles: "better.collect" for a sustainable future

Strapping Solutions is taking an important step towards a circular economy: with a focus on the disposal and reuse of packaging material, the new business area "better.collect" is being created from "Strap to Strap". This gives plastic strapping a new lease of life.

As a manufacturer of high-quality strapping, we are aware of our responsibility and our consumption of resources. Despite everything, our products are safety-relevant for the transportation of goods or for securing people in the leisure and work sector - plastic has become an integral part of the modern world. For us as a family business, however, it is important that we rethink how we use and dispose of it.

"A second life for strapping"

The "Strap to Strap" initiative, in which used strapping is collected and recycled, was launched back in 2020. Now, in 2024, we are thinking even bigger and the new business area "better.collect" is being created. We also want to make an important contribution and find a solution for reusing our products as raw materials. "Instead of promoting a throwaway society and constantly generating new products from new raw materials, we are focusing on collecting and recycling our existing products ," says Jürgen Scheiblehner, Managing Director of Teufelberger Strapping. Every year, more than 1 million tons of plastic strapping waste are produced worldwide. To date, most of this waste has been incinerated or shipped thousands of kilometers around the globe. "With our new business segment 'better.collect', we are finally giving the straps a second life," says Scheiblehner. The collected material serves as a valuable raw material for the production of new strapping. A solid network is definitely needed for smooth implementation: together with strong partners from the disposal and recycling industry, such as PreZero in Germany, thousands of tons of used strapping from industry and commerce can be collected and returned to the cycle.

A win-win situation for everyone: the collectors, who can be sure that the material will be processed in the best possible way and that they can achieve their environmental goals. For us as the manufacturer, who gives our belts a new function. And, of course, for the environment - the most important beneficiary of all!

You can also find out more about "better.collect" from Monday on our website bettercollect.teufelberger.com