HQ Inkjet – printed polyester strap

High quality PET strapping with black print

Polyester strapping, 9-32 mm (3/8” – 1 1/4") wide, with black print for all standard strapping machines


AAR certification 

Made in

HQ Inkjet technology makes it possible to print black text or numbers onto polyester strapping. Our customers benefit from this solution if they want to print large quantities of strapping, simple marks, or serial numbers.

AAR printing
In this segment, we also offer AAR (Association of American Railways) approved strapping. This PET strapping was certified and approved by an external organization and specifically for open top rail transport in the U.S. In the NAFTA zone, securing cargo on railroad wagons by means of strapping is permitted only with this special printed and highly tear resistant strapping.

HQ Inkjet strapping comes in the following specifications: 


TYCOON® polyester

Color of strapping


Printing color


Printing length/repeat


Use of printing plate

not necessary

Strapping dimensions

9 – 32 mm

3/8 – 1 1/4”


406x148 mm




running numbers

* other strapping criteria on request

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