Endura 12

Winch rope for tree care

Endura 12 is a rope for winch applications in tree care. It consists of 100% HMPE and features high tensile strength and low stretch.


Standard: no standard
Core: HMPE
Plait number: 12

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Endura 12 from TEUFELBERGER is a 100% HMPE hollow braid rope for winch applications in tree care.

Excellent tensile strength and very low stretch are the characteristic features of this winch rope, achieved by its construction and the HMPE fiber used. Because Endura 12 has an extremely low stretch, there is low recoil energy in the event of rope failure due to overloading. The rope is coated with a urethane formula to enhance its abrasion resistance.

The features of the Endura 12 at a glance:

  • Extremely high tensile strength
  • Coated to improve abrasion resistance
  • No snapback for improved safety
Min. breaking strength, free length
Min. breaking strength, free length
10 3/8 50.59 3.40 7 470 16 800
11 7/16 59.50 4 9 875 22 200
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