Visitor record at the “Long Night of Research” 2018!

As part of the "Long Night of Research", TEUFELBERGER opened its doors for the third time. This year our strapping band production plant in Wels wecolmed a surge of visitors, and we are pleased to report a visitor record of around 750 researchers.

At this year’s “Long Night of Research”, which took place on Friday April 13th, 2018, researchers were able to take a look behind the scenes at the research & development as well as the production of our strapping bands. There were also many other exciting attractions which our guests were invited to take part in, get hands on with and learn from – here are the highlights of our program:

From granulate to strapping bands – Guided tour through our strapping band production including a competition!

This tour took guests right into our production, where we use PET and PP to produce strapping bands for various applications within the packaging sector. Here the visitors experienced the production process in live operation. Everything from small coils to ultra jumbos are manufactured in our production plant, using both fully automatic and semi-automatic processes. To conclude the tour, our participants took part in a competition

The correct answer to our prize-winning question,“How many metres of strapping band are on one coil” is 8,754 metres! Werner Lichtenwaller took home the prize of a Samsung Galaxy tablet. We offer him our congratulations on his impressive win!

A glimpse into our Strapping Centre – What exactly are strapping bands and what are they used for?

In our Strapping Centre – the training and competency centre for TEUFELBERGER strapping bands – researchers were able to get an accurate picture of our packaging bands. They could actually handle the material used and have a look at the different applications for the bands. Visitors were also able to directly test out what it takes to make the bands function in practice.

From fibre to rope – tracking the course of fibre ropes in the fibre rope technical centre!

TEUFELBERGER has been producing ropes from natural and artificial fibres for over 225 years and a lot has changed within that time. In our new fibre rope technical centre, visitors were able to learn about the various areas of application of our fibre ropes, as well as the materials and methods used to produce them.

Brave enough to rappeling? - Off the new TEUFELBERGER Training Centre (TTC)!

When working at great heights and depths, it is important that workers are secured appropriately. For this purpose, TEUFELBERGER develops harnesses, ropes and rescue systems which ensure safety regardless of whether work is being carried out on a roof or on a wind turbine. The professionals at TEUFELBERGER also regularly develop rescue plans in case of emergency and carry out training sessions with the operators. During the “Long Night of Research”, there was an opportunity for particularly brave visitors to have a go at abseiling for themselves and experience a real adrenaline rush!

What would the world be like without steel wire ropes – All the facts about our high performance steel wire ropes!

TEUFELBERGER develops highly specialised steel wire ropes for the most varied areas of application: some examples include for cableways, for cranes on oil rigs, and for the forestry sector, amongst many others. During the “Long Night of Research”, our experts gave visitors an exciting insight into the interesting range of applications of steel cables around the globe. In addition we demonstrated how a cable splice – i.e. the connection of two cable ends – functions and answered questions such as, “does a cableway cable really have no end?” and, “why are so many steel cables needed on an oil rig?”

You can find a few impressions of the “Long night of Research” 2018 at and that  video shows our highlights at the LNF2018!