Strapping certified by TÜV AUSTRIA

The "OK Recycled" certification from TÜV Austria was successfully completed in January for Teufelberger's PP and PET strapping.

Teufelberger is setting a clear sustainability signal with the "OK recycled" certification from TÜV Austria. Teufelberger is the first company with production in Austria/Poland to receive this certification. This means that 100% PET and 30% PP recycled material is verified and used in more than 1000 certified articles. 

"The market demand for plastic packaging material is constantly increasing. Customers, as well as European countries and laws, are demanding external proof from certified bodies in order to recognize recycled content in products"

With the "OK recycled" certificate, TÜV Austria offers the opportunity to prove the recycled content of products in accordance with EN 15343:2007 and ISO 14021:2021. This proof helps Teufelberger and its customers to comply with national laws and standards such as the plastics tax in Spain. Tracking the materials used and recognition by a certification body saves the customer money. 

Teufelberger Strapping has been using recycled material for the production of high-quality strapping for more than 25 years. PET flakes from PET bottles have been processed as a valuable raw material since 1997. In the PP sector, production waste has been processed internally for many years and turned back into products. The production processes have been continuously improved and optimized in order to produce high-quality end products with supposedly inferior recycled material.

You can find out more about the certified PP products at  TEWE® PP R