Teufelberger and PreZero are giving straps a new life

The Austrian Teufelberger Group will be relying on PreZero's recycling expertise in the future.
Representatives of both companies signed the corresponding contracts in mid-January.

Together with the world's largest system-independent manufacturer of strapping, PreZero is developing a "closed loop" that offers real added value for all sustainable customers of the Austrian family business: PreZero collects the polypropylene and PET strapping and transports it to special recycling plants. From there, the material is then sent to Teufelberger's production plants, where it is processed - "strap to strap" - into new straps. With the "Closed Loop", Teufelberger and PreZero are making another important contribution to conserving natural resources, reducing energy consumption and cutting CO2 emissions.

"The collaboration with PreZero is an important milestone for us in terms of the circular economy. I am proud that we, as the European market leader for plastic strapping, have been able to gain such a well-known partner for a long-term collaboration," says Jürgen Scheiblehner, CEO Strapping Solutions. "During the discussions, it quickly became clear that PreZero, as part of the Schwarz Group, is a partner with big goals and therefore a perfect fit for us. This enables us to provide our customers with an optimal solution for the collection, disposal and recycling of straps."

"The Strap to Strap solution contributes to our own vision of New Thinking for a Clean Tomorrow. We are thus operating a genuine circular economy for a material flow that we also use to a considerable extent in our own retail division," emphasizes Ronald Bornée, Member of the Management Board at PreZero. "Through our expertise in setting up and operating waste disposal and recycling solutions, we create real added value by securing recyclable materials and thus contributing to the jointly developed sustainability strategy and the climate strategy of the Schwarz Group companies."

In Europe, several thousand tons of strapping end up as waste every year. To avoid wasting these resources, Teufelberger is now joining forces with PreZero in Germany to close the gap between application, collection, processing and recycling. With this pioneering project, Teufelberger - together with PreZero - is guaranteeing the reuse of strapping and setting new standards in the circular economy.