Teufelberger donates to charity "Klein.Blind.Kind"

As a family business, we have set ourselves the goal of supporting social causes outside of the main donation season around Christmas. This happens in several places in the company: in the case of "Klein.Blind.Kind" in the course of a major project, the "better.sap". Already at the beginning of the project, it was decided to include bonus payments for charitable projects. After a major milestone was reached, the project team was able to hand over the earned donation sum of 6,000 euros to "Klein.Blind.Kind" in June. We are thus making a significant contribution to the promotion of visually impaired and blind children.

"As a company, we have a responsibility not only to produce sustainably, but also to think holistically in terms of sustainability," says Jürgen Scheiblehner, Managing Director of the Strapping Division. "In addition, it is a personal concern of mine to support projects that really make a difference. With 'Klein.Blind.Kind' you notice that work is done here with dedication and that every euro goes where it helps: with the children and families."

"We help to increase the quality of life"

The Lions Club Linz City, together with the Hospital of the Brothers of Mercy, runs an early vision centre in Linz - the only one in Upper Austria. At present, about 140 visually impaired and blind children - from infancy until they start school - are treated there. By providing support as early as possible, the perception of the young patients can be significantly improved and thus the quality of life of the children as well as the families can be drastically increased. "With our work, we not only help the children, but also their parents and the entire environment to lead an easier and more beautiful life," says Werner Harrer, project supervisor and coordinator of the Lions Club Linz City. "We would like to express our sincere thanks for the generous donation from the Teufelberger company, which was used to support this project," adds Johann Hoffelner the president of the Lions Club Linz City.